Episode 26: Anesthesia Through the Eyes of the Grand Master! A Conversation with John Nagelhout



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Episode Summary

Our episode today is with the one and only Dr. John Nagelhout PhD, CRNA, FAAN. He is a pharmacology master who has taught thousands of CRNAs over the years. He is the creator and has been the primary author of the core nurse anesthesia textbook “NURSE ANESTHESIA” for the last 20 years.

Jeremy and Sass have an engaging discussion about his experience as a nurse anesthetist since the 1970’s, the story behind his creation of the first and subsequent editions of Nurse Anesthesia, how he came to teach pharmacology to so many CRNAs, his opinion on the greatest strength of a CRNA, and his thoughts on the future of nurse anesthesia. This episode is a treasure you won’t want to miss!


What You'll Learn

  1. An insight on nurse anesthesia through the eyes of a pharmacology grand master.
  2. How the core nurse anesthesia textbook “Nurse Anesthesia” was developed.
  3. Dr. Nagelhout’s thoughts on the future of nurse anesthesia and what exactly is a CRNAs greatest strength.
  4. A history of nurse anesthesia since the 1970s.


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Recommended Resources

  1. Nagelhout J. & Elisha S. Nurse Anesthesia 6th ed. 2018. Elsevier, St. Louis MO.
  2. Nagelhout Pharmacology 


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