Episode 30: Say What? Q & A Round 3




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Episode Summary

We’re returning to the ring for another Q & A! The crowd is cheering and asking for more, so let’s give them another round…say what! In this episode, we’ll test your mental toughness with questions that review pharmacology, pathophysiology, and airway. Along the way, we’ll give you tips and suggestions to help dust out the cobwebs and bring that anesthesia knowledge back into the forefront of your mind. So, put those gloves together, “ding ding!” it’s time to get back into the ring! Say what? That’s right, it’s Q & A day!


What You'll Learn: 

  1. Review the medication that should be avoided in a patient with adrenal insufficiency.
  2. Examine the electrolytes that can precipitate cardiac toxicity.
  3. Discuss the physiologic effects of beta receptors in several organs.
  4. Explain the local anesthetics that are affected by a pseudocholinesterase deficiency.
  5. Review anatomy for a superior laryngeal nerve block.


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