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Sass Elisha EdD, CRNA, FAAN

Sass has been an academic and clinical educator since 2000. He believes in building a learning community where knowledge and ideas are shared to augment everyone’s understanding. As a result, he has made it a priority to disseminate information by contributing to multiple publications including Nurse Anesthesia, Case Studies in Nurse Anesthesia, and Crises Management in Nurse Anesthesia. His participation in additional scholarly activities help to further serve nurse anesthetists; publications including original research, a past COA director, a speaker at local, state and national conferences, and a volunteer for high school children who are interested in a career in healthcare.

Sass's philosophy regarding education is simple. Provide learning activities that are engaging, interactive and practically applicable so that our guests can learn, relearn, and expand their understanding of the core concepts that are the basis for superior anesthesia care. Sparking intellectual curiosity will help create a nurse anesthesia community that continuously learns and grows, all to improve care for our patients.

“I seek a method where teachers teach less and learners learn more.” Johann Comenius

Jeremy Heiner EdD, CRNA

Jeremy is a clinician and an educator. He incorporates his favorite quote by Teddy Roosevelt into his clinical and educational practice: “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Since 2004, Jeremy has been working as a certified registered nurse anesthetist and assumed a position as an academic and clinical educator in 2008. He has contributed to CRNA learning by producing clinically-based anesthesia and critical care films, authoring textbooks and journal articles, presenting various anesthesia concepts at local, state, and national meetings, and chairing a NBCRNA test committee.

Jeremy believes in continuous learning, where there is always something new to learn or something interesting to review. His learning theory is grounded in space repetitive multimodal learning - the best way to make knowledge stick in our brain is to learn it in several different ways. Listening, watching, and reading information capped off by review and recollection are the recipe for success!

Jeremy's goal is to provide the best learning experience possible! He aims to help individuals apply knowledge and improve practice by providing multiple learning modalities that are collaborative, engaging, fun, and practically relevant. His hope is that we, as CRNAs, always have the desire to be curious and improve our overall knowledge in order to provide superior patient care, and be a strong CRNA nation.

Daniel Frasca DNAP, CRNA

Daniel is a Co-Founder of APEX Anesthesia Review, and he has been a practicing CRNA for 26 years. He received his MSNA from VCU in 1992 and his DNAP in 2010. As a student, he was awarded the Agatha Hodgins award for academic excellence.

Daniel worked with students in the clinical area for 25 years as preceptor and student coordinator. He is the proud recipient of the Herbert T. Watson award and Outstanding Alumnus award for his continued support to the VCU school of nurse anesthesia. He continues to serve as adjunct faculty at VCU.

As co-founder of APEX, Daniel’s primary responsibilities include customer relations, administration, and content development. He is proud APEX is making a difference in so many lives and strives to hold true to the APEX brand professionally and personally.

Kevin R. Baker MSNA, CRNA

As a Co-Founder of APEX Anesthesia Review, Kevin has a strong vision that has shaped the landscape of CRNA education. With a love of anesthesia and unyielding enthusiasm for online learning, Kevin spends his days creating anesthesia content that is both engaging and effective. His other focuses include strategic business development, brand building, and marketing.

In 2005, Kevin earned his Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he graduated at the top of his class. Additionally, Kevin scored in the 100th percentile on the National Certification Exam. He has written extensively for APEX Anesthesia review, published in the AANA Journal, and delivered a variety of invited presentations in anesthesia as well as instructional design. Before transitioning to APEX fulltime, Kevin greatly enjoyed precepting students. He was named VCU Clinical Instructor of the Year in 2013.

Taylor Simpson MS, CMI

Taylor earned her B.A. in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration at Iowa State University as well as an M.S. in Medical Illustration from Augusta University. Taylor has been a practicing professional medical illustrator since 2016. Taylor finds meaning in her work by combining her passion for science and art to help others learn and understand scientific and medical concepts. Aside from work, she enjoys traveling, nature photography, volleyball, and spoiling her cat, Tonnie. She’s excited to be working for a company which places such high value on education and continued learning. 



APEX Live is a joint venture with APEX Anesthesia Review LLC, Sass Elisha, and Jeremy Heiner.

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